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Mark Mason
“"I started practicing yoga almost 5 years ago in a beautiful little studio in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I had just dropped out at OSU, I was lost and depressed and looking for some sort of purpose for my life. A friend told me about Red Earth Yoga Center, and my life changed completely. In no time at all, I was hooked. I couldn't go one day without attending a class, and some days I would come to three classes in a day. I was addicted. It not only changed my body, it changed my entire life for the better. It wasn't just the yoga, I also found a great connection with Waleah. Not only is she a fabulous teacher, she inspired me to continue my yoga journey even after I left Stillwater. She encouraged me to consider yoga teacher training. She changed the entire course of my life and I am forever grateful. I've moved all over the country in the past few years, practicing and teaching yoga, but I have yet to find a studio like Red Earth or a teacher quite like Waleah. Don't g“

Laurie G.
“A unique, welcoming place in Stillwater! One of our favorite places!“

“Yoga the balance of life…. I have been practicing yoga for around 5 years now and have been to many different studios, as well as yoga classes at gyms! This studio is definitely in my top 3 which is saying a lot because I have been to studios around the country and this one is top notch, great environment and really good instructors! I recommend this be your place of practice to all different levels rather having a lot of experience or just getting started. This will definitely be well worth your time so what are you waiting for? Come be a part of something great!!“

“Five Stars!“

“How fortunate we are to have this studio. Waleah's teaching is unsurpassed! All of the instructors are excellent.“

“I am a college student and about a year ago was looking for something new. I decided to try yoga. I was a beginner when I first came to Waleah's yoga class, I then followed her to Red Earth and I was hooked. The instructors there taught me that yoga isn't competitive and there is no need to compare my practice to others. The classes at Red Earth are challenging and refreshing. The studio is a very comfortable place to practice. I highly recommend Red Earth to beginners or lifelong yogis :)“

“I have been attending classes at Red Earth Yoga for over a year now. The thing that I love most about Red Earth is that there is not just one type of person that practices yoga there. The people that do yoga there are short and tall, young and old, skinny and not so skinny. The one thing that we have in common is that we love Red Earth yoga and the teachers there. I have taken yoga from many different teachers and in many different cities, but the quality of the classes and the teacher's knowledge at Red Earth far exceeds any other studio that I have attended. They offer a variety of classes from slow and restorative to hot yoga. So whether you want to relax and recover or burn calories and build muscle, Red Earth has a class for you. I hope to see you on the mats! Namaste!“

Susan Streeter
“I have been going to yoga at Red Earth Yoga for years. It is a dynamic and fun studio! Waleah offers classes for every level and changes things up to keep it interesting. I highly recommend this studio, no matter what your yoga experience is. Come join the fun.“

“I have been practicing yoga on and off for the last 10 years, most recently through two pregnancies and the arrival of wonderful baby boys. Red Earth is a fabulous addition to the Stillwater community and a haven for me. The owners and instructors are enthusiastic, kind and compassionate. Their knowledge of various yogic forms and their facility with modifications and adjustments to meet the needs of each student's practice are unparalleled. I highly recommend Red Earth Yoga Center. Practice here will meet you where you are and take you to where you want to be.“

Libby G
““Love Red Earth Yoga Center!”

I recently attended Red Earth Yoga Center taught by Waleah Walker-Norton. I absolutely loved it. It was my first time to ever do yoga. Waleah was very professional and demonstrated the techniques which helped a lot. I felt very welcomed as a beginner. The studio was very well equipped and clean. I will definitely be going back!“

“I love Red Earth Yoga! I first got into yoga as a student at OSU and quickly realized how much it helped me relieve anxiety, feel relaxed, and provide a great workout. I bid on 10 passes to Red Earth before ever stepping foot in the door because it had such high recommendations from other students and my yoga instructor at OSU. Waleah and Carol are outstanding and provide a welcoming community to people with a variety of experience, from little (like myself) to those that have been practicing for years. It is a great atmosphere and Waleah and Carol offer a variety of classes to provide you with the type of yoga that keeps you coming back. They are excellent instructors and are patient, welcoming, and kind.“

“I needed to incorporate a good core body and flexibility program into my workout and Waleah and Red Earth Yoga was just the answer. Waleah and her knowledge of yoga, enthusiasm and patience in helping her clients understand and develop the proper technique has been invaluable to my conditioning. I am glad that there is a great yoga option is Stillwater, and hope that people that have been contemplating yoga give Red Earth at try, you won't be disappointed.“

“I've been a practitioner of yoga for a few years, and Red Earth Yoga took my learning to the next level. The owners are extremely knowledgeable and skilled in various forms of yoga, and are so patient, warm, and loving. I couldn't recommend this studio more if you're looking to start yoga or advance your practice further.“

Kelsea K
“I've never done yoga before. I really like the beginning classes. I'm learning a lot.“

Harrison J.
“I've never sweated so much in my life!“

“If you think yoga isn't a workout, you haven't been to this studio.“

“Average: 5.0
“Best Yoga in Stillwater OK!”

I've been going to Red Earth Yoga since it opened. Waleah is an excellent teacher. She is supportive and always encouraging. Every class that I've attended at Red Earth has been a fun and empowering experience, and my practice has greatly improved since my first class.“

“Really enjoy coming to classes at Red Earth. I have been doing yoga now for almost a year -- started off once a week and now go 2 and sometimes 3 times a week. The instructors and students are warm and welcoming, and they encourage you do do things at your own pace so that you never feel out of place. I've also enrolled in their special Navigating your Compass courses that Carol co-teaches with Linda Burks - it's been a great journey for me and I encourage others to check it out!“

“Red Earth is fantastic. I started practicing yoga after my son was born. It was the perfect activity for some me-time that also helped to stretch and tone my body. I've always been a competitive athlete, and competing with myself in yoga is always a challenge: continuing to push myself to my limits. I lost almost 15 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight practicing here, and am currently practicing with them through my 2nd pregnancy. I highly recommend trying Red Earth and letting Carol, Waleah, or Mary kick your butt!“

“Red Earth Yoga Center has evolved a lot since I started going there a year and a half ago. I loved it then and I love it even more now! Carol and Waleah are both fantastic teachers who are very helpful with assisting you in finding your practice and they're even better with Mary on the team! They offer a wide variety of classes and don't be surprised if you find yourself getting stronger even faster than you imagined. Anybody can conquer hot yoga! I live in the Seattle area now and Red Earth Yoga Center is comparable to many of the "high end" yoga studios I've tried around here ... and half the price! Get your yoga on!“

“Red Earth Yoga Center is a fantastic facility right here in Stillwater, Oklahoma. They offer many types of classes that range in intensity; they even offer hot room yoga, which is amazing in the winter months! The owners are incredibly kind and work with everyone individually to help them get the most out of their practice. Honestly, this studio offers the same quality experience as any I have been to in metropolitan area, and at half the price. The first class is free and there are discounts for students. Yoga will improve your life! See you there.“

“Red Earth Yoga Center is a very special place to treat your mind, body, and soul. You will leave strong but relaxed, rested but energized, alert but calm. I have gained something from every class I have attended.“

“The BEST yoga studio I have ever been to. I have lived in NYC and this one takes it all. Waleah Norton (owner) has changed my life and I know that she really cares about me and her other students. I am so excited to learn more from her about yoga. You must try this yoga studio out of you live in Stillwater or surrounding areas. Yoga will help you be a more productive and balanced person.“

“The Red Earth center has been very beneficial to my mind body and soul. This place is perfect for those well seasoned, and those who have never been on the mat. The instructors are wise, passionate,considerate and dedicated to teaching a complete understanding of yoga. I would highly reccomend the Red Earth Center!! It is a place of healing and spiritual growth as well as a place to make lifelong best friends. Jack Calderon“

“This is a soul-enriching yoga studio. The depth of knowledge and compassion found here is hard pressed for competition.“

Connie H.
“To everyone at the Red Earth Yoga Center-
My mind and my body always look forward to coming to your classes. And I am never disappointed. Thanks for working so hard to make each visit special.“

“To me, Red Earth Yoga feels like home. The spacious, candle-lit facilities, the enticing scent of peppermint mixed with lavender, and the gentle hum of music are all calming and completely satisfying aspects of Red Earth. Before attending Red Earth, I had never practiced yoga. I now feel more at ease and in tune with my body, mind, and spirit. I respect myself more so now than I ever have. I no longer experience pain in my lower back and knees from years of dancing with improper body placement. Yoga has helped me to properly align my body and to maintain that alignment for long periods of time. Both my legs and arms feel twenty times stronger than they did before I began my practice. All of the instructors at Red Earth are thoughtful, energetic, optimistic ... The spacious, candle-lit facilities, the enticing scent of peppermint mixed with lavender, and the gentle hum of music are all calming and completely satisfying aspects of Red Earth. Before attending Red Earth, I had never practi“

“Try it and you will love it! I'm a 43 yr old man and I've never done Yoga before. I don't have much flexability at all, but it's been easy to fit in at Red Earth. The instructors understand that I'm just starting out and adapt some of the difficult exercises for the stiff begginners. If your thinking about doing something to make you feel better, no question, this is it!“

Mary Kirkendoll
“Waleah Norton is one of kindest and most generous people I've met in Stillwater. Her wonderful teaching is the reason why I made the decision to make yoga a priority in my life. I was thrilled when she decided to open the Red Earth Yoga Center and it is becoming and will continue to become an important part of the Stillwater community. You will feel so welcome and comfortable at the studio and it is never too late to start your yoga journey! Come join us!!!“

“We thank you for re-starting us in yoga. Also thanks for being in Stillwater; As a "old" Fire department planner; we looked at protecting community assets; these are that places of immense community value; like churches; You are such a place, what would Stillwater do without you? See you are "Treasured" Aloha Bill“

Layne W
“We travel frequently and this is one of the best places we have ever been. Challenging workout but fun.“

Gail H.
“Yoga in Stillwater has taken off with the opening of Red Earth. We've always had a yoga community but we needed an easily accessible facility devoted solely to yoga. The teachers are all knowledgable and are great about providing modifications appropriate your level of expertise or physical limitations. They all bring a different practice and teaching style to the mat so you're guaranteed- from rank beginner to advanced practitioner- to find a class and teacher perfect for you. Or even better, shake it up and try them all! Namaste, ya'll.“

Jennifer B
“The best place in Stillwater for Yoga! Maybe the best place in Oklahoma!“

Ashley Moore
“Red Earth is a quality and professional yoga studio offering yoga classes for all levels. I began taking classes with Waleah 6 months ago because I am a runner who wanted to become more flexible. I got more than I thought! I gained encouragement, support, friendship, strength, conditioning, and flexibility! Yoga has helped me improve as an athlete and a person. Waleah is friendly, encouraging and helpful. I've learned so much in 6 months! Yoga has changed my life!“

Darrin Adams
"Red Earth Yoga Center is a top-notch yoga studio, and I highly recommend it for first timers and advanced students. I have taken yoga classes in four continents and at least ten countries, and this studio feels like home. The Instructors are very knowledgeable and make the learning and instruction simple and easy to follow. The studio is kept at a warm temperature, which helps in warming my body up so I can go deeper. The people who attend yoga classes are friendly and made me feel welcome. Waleah has an open heart and mind and her enthusiasm and joy is infectious. Can't wait until I can go again." Darrin Adams“

Brenda Gilbert Solomon
“Flew in from la and remembered how great this studio was. Very intimate and appreciated the adjustments from the soon to be yoga teachers in training. Love the music. Missed the bean bag eye covers. Thanks for letting me borrow a mat. only suggestion would be less time breathing and more time in poses.“

Kendra Laughlin
“A great place to practice. The instructors are very helpful and knowledgeable.“

Cathy Curry Smith
“Welcoming and inviting!“

Melissa Tungl
“I have visited twice from out of town and both classes were taught by well trained instructors with good energy. I appreciate the Ashtanga influence, and received excellent adjustments.

One thing I could have done without.....the interesting music choices. However I do understand that that's simply personal preference. Thanks for keeping the yoga legit in Stillwater!“

Jerzey Feldman
“Super Fun and Challenging!“


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